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At AED  urgent care clinic, we understand the importance of timely and accurate COVID-19 testing in order to ensure the health and safety of our patients and the community. We are proud to offer comprehensive COVID-19 testing services to provide prompt diagnosis and support in managing the ongoing pandemic. Our testing procedures are designed to be efficient, reliable, and conducted in a safe environment.

Types of COVID-19 Tests:

Rapid Antigen Tests: These tests provide quick results within minutes by detecting specific viral proteins. They are ideal for individuals who require immediate results, such as those with symptoms or potential exposure.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Tests: PCR tests are highly accurate and sensitive in detecting the genetic material of the virus. They are considered the gold standard for COVID-19 diagnosis. PCR tests are suitable for individuals with or without symptoms, and they can also detect the virus in its early stages.

Testing Process:

Scheduling an Appointment: To streamline the testing process and minimize wait times, we encourage patients to schedule an appointment by phone or through our online portal. However, we also accommodate walk-in visits to ensure accessibility and address urgent cases.

Pre-Test Assessment: Upon arrival at our clinic, our trained healthcare professionals will conduct a pre-test assessment to gather relevant information about symptoms, exposure history, and medical background. This information helps determine the appropriate test and ensure accurate results interpretation.

Sample Collection: Depending on the chosen test, our medical staff will collect a nasal swab or throat swab sample. We prioritize patient comfort and safety during the collection process, ensuring it is done swiftly and with minimal discomfort.

Laboratory Processing: Once the sample is collected, it is securely transported to a certified laboratory for processing. PCR tests undergo meticulous genetic analysis, while rapid antigen tests are conducted on-site for immediate results.

Result Delivery: The turnaround time for test results varies depending on the type of test conducted. Rapid antigen test results are typically available within minutes, while PCR test results may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Our clinic will promptly notify patients of their test results, either through a secure online portal, phone call, or other designated communication method.

Safety Measures: To ensure the safety of both patients and staff, our clinic strictly adheres to established infection control protocols. We maintain a clean and sanitized environment, enforce social distancing guidelines, and provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for our healthcare professionals. We also encourage patients to follow safety guidelines, such as wearing masks and practicing hand hygiene while on-site.

How can I obtain the latest COVID-19 vaccine?

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective and safest measure to prevent severe illness. Similar to other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine instructs your body on building its own defense against the virus responsible for this disease. Typically, the COVID-19 vaccine consists of two doses, with the second dose administered 14 to 28 days after the initial one. It takes approximately three weeks after the final dose to develop immunity. Access to COVID-19 vaccination is subject to availability and regulations set by your state. Please reach out to us for further information on obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine.

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