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Quick Response, Saving Lives

At AED urgent care clinic, we offer routine blood testing services to help assess the health and well-being of our patients. Routine blood testing is a vital component of preventive care and can provide valuable insights into a person’s overall health status. Whether you require a general check-up or need specific tests to monitor a particular condition, our skilled healthcare professionals are here to assist you.

Consultation and Assessment: To begin, our medical staff will have a brief consultation with you to understand your medical history, any specific concerns, or symptoms you may be experiencing. This information helps us determine which tests are appropriate for your situation.


At our urgent care clinic, we offer a wide range of routine blood tests, including

Complete blood count (CBC),

Cholesterol screening,

Blood glucose monitoring,

Liver function tests,

Thyroid function tests,

and many others. These tests help assess various aspects of your health, including organ function, blood cell counts, nutrient levels, and hormonal balance.