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At AED urgent care clinic, where we provide prompt and comprehensive medical services to address a wide range of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Our urgent care services are designed to bridge the gap between primary care and emergency room visits, ensuring that you receive timely and appropriate medical attention.

At AED urgent care clinic, we understand that unexpected health issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer extended hours, including evenings and weekends. Whether you are unable to see your regular healthcare provider or your condition requires immediate attention, our team of skilled healthcare professionals is here to provide high-quality care without the need for an appointment.

Our urgent care services encompass various medical needs, including:

Acute Illness Treatment: We offer evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of acute illnesses such as

Cold and flu symptoms

Respiratory infections,

Urinary tract infections,

Sinusitis strep throat

and more. Our experienced healthcare providers will assess your symptoms, perform necessary tests, and provide appropriate treatment options to help you recover quickly.

Minor Injury Care: From cuts and abrasions to sprains and strains, our urgent care clinic is equipped to handle a variety of minor injuries. Our team can provide wound care, perform sutures or stitches when necessary, and ensure proper immobilization or splinting for fractures and sprains.

Diagnostic Services: Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, allowing us to perform various tests such as X-rays, laboratory tests, and rapid diagnostic screenings. These services enable us to promptly diagnose and treat your condition, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your health status.

Minor Surgical Procedures: In certain cases, minor surgical procedures may be required to address specific conditions. Our skilled healthcare providers are trained to perform procedures like abscess drainage, laceration repair, foreign body removal, and more. Rest assured that we prioritize your comfort and safety throughout the procedure.

Occupational Medicine: We offer occupational health services tailored to the needs of both employees and employers. These services include pre-employment physicals, drug testing, immunizations, worker’s compensation evaluations, and management of work-related injuries.

Travel Medicine: If you’re planning a trip abroad, we can provide you with comprehensive travel medicine services, including vaccinations, medications, and health advice specific to your destination. Our goal is to help you stay healthy during your travels and minimize the risk of travel-related illnesses.

At AED urgent care clinic, we strive to provide exceptional care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our dedicated healthcare professionals are committed to addressing your immediate medical needs promptly and efficiently, ensuring that you receive the appropriate treatment and follow-up care. Trust us with your urgent healthcare needs, and we’ll prioritize your well-being every step of the way.

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QUESTION: When should I choose urgent care?

 A: If you’re dealing with a pressing, non-life-threatening medical issue and don’t want to see a doctor, AED Urgent Care could be the right choice for you. Our walk-in clinics are equipped to handle conditions such as allergic reactions, fractures, common colds, flu, and more.

QUESTION: Do I need insurance to visit AED Urgent Care?

 A: While our clinics do accept numerous insurance plans, having insurance is not a requirement to visit AED Urgent Care. We also offer competitive cash pay prices that may be lower than what you would pay elsewhere.

QUESTION: How long will my visit take? 

A: One of the main advantages of choosing AED Urgent Care is our short wait times, often under 15 minutes. The total duration of your visit will depend on the reason for your visit, but many patients can expect to be in and out of our clinics in approximately 30 minutes.

How can I obtain the latest COVID-19 vaccine?

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective and safest measure to prevent severe illness. Similar to other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine instructs your body on building its own defense against the virus responsible for this disease. Typically, the COVID-19 vaccine consists of two doses, with the second dose administered 14 to 28 days after the initial one. It takes approximately three weeks after the final dose to develop immunity. Access to COVID-19 vaccination is subject to availability and regulations set by your state. Please reach out to us for further information on obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine.

At AED Urgent Care , we offer walk-in urgent care services and more!

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